Bernardino Branca                                                               University of Kent, UK


Volume 5, October 2023

The fifth volume of The Edgar Wind Journal is divided into two parts. The first part contains two critical
essays by Kostantinos Gravanis and Larry Silver on Edgar Wind’s writings. The second part contains
two translations related to Wind’s writings. The first is an interview by Jeannie Carlier with the French
philosopher Pierre Hadot, who enthusiastically discussed and endorsed Edgar Wind’s Pagan Mysteries in
the Renaissance when the French edition of the book was released in 1992. The interview is translated
into English for the first time by Emma Mandley, and it is preceded by an introductory note by Robert
Pawlik. The second is Edgar Wind’s previously unpublished notes for his 1932–33 lectures at Hamburg
University, introduced and translated by Jonathan Blower as ‘Basic Concepts in the Philosophy of
History and Culture’.


The Edgar Wind Journal 5: 1-2, 2023
DOI: 10.53245/EWJ-000023
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