Fabio Tononi
NOVA University of Lisbon

Volume 6, April 2024   


Volume 6 of The Edgar Wind Journal is a Festschrift honouring the Australian art historian, biographer, and curator Emeritus Professor Jaynie Anderson AM, FAHA, OSI, published to celebrate her eightieth birthday (she was born on 15 December 1944). Anderson is known for her monograph Giorgione: The Painter of Poetic Brevity (1997), her biography of Giovanni Morelli (2019), her exhibitions on Venetian painting, and her editions of the writings of Edgar Wind. Wind examined her in 1969 for her Rhodes Fellowship at St Hugh’s College, Oxford. In 1983, she edited the first posthumous collection of Wind’s essays, The Eloquence of Symbols: Studies in Humanist Art, thereby reviving an interest in Wind’s works. That volume enjoyed an international critical success, being reprinted three times in English, and translated into Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. In 1986, Anderson edited a second collection of Wind’s essays, focused on English art of the eighteenth century, Hume and the Heroic Portrait: Studies in Eighteenth-Century Imagery, which was translated into Italian in 2000. Working on these editions, Anderson collaborated closely with Wind’s widow, Margaret Wind, who was organising her husband’s archive in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, now recognised as an important resource for art historiography. More recently, together with Bernardino Branca and the author of this editorial, Anderson co-edited a book on Wind, and is a frequent contributor to The Edgar Wind Journal, where she has been a member of the editorial board since its foundation in 2021.

Art historiography, art history, Edgar Wind, Festschrift, Jaynie Anderson



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The Edgar Wind Journal 6: 1-34, 2024
DOI: 10.53245/EWJ-000028
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